Fantastic Fruit

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Fantastic Fruit

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Fantastic Fruit by Merkur 

Play the original Merkur game Fantastic Fruit online at Winfest online casino. Dive straight in the fruity cocktails and collect amazing rewards. Fantastic Fruit is one of the classic online slot games. It’s famous for its insane amount of win lines. Because of these win lines you get rewards very frequently. When you win you get to experience the colourful and flashy animations that this fruit machine has to offer. 

How to play Fantastic Fruit? 

Try to find three of the same symbol on one of the win lines. When you do this you will receive a reward. The rewards depend on the symbol. You can find out what each symbol is worth on the pay-out table located at the top right of the slot machine. All the icons are fruit related, obviously, with the exception of 777. Big cash prizes come with this one, so stay alert. 

There are two different ways you can play Fantastic Fruit: you can be brave and go for the 10-line payout, which is ultimately a lot harder. The other option is to simplify the task at hand and go for the 64-line payout and have more chances of winning – well, 54 more chances to be honest. That’s potentially more rewarding down the line. 

Play Fantastic Fruit online on your browser 

Try to collect three or more of the same fruit symbol on one of the win lines to get Fantastic Fruit rewards. If you are really lucky, you find multiple sevens on a win line. The fantastic design makes you feel like you are collecting fruit in space. Merkur has made a truly wonderful online slot game with Fantastic Fruit. The bright colours and great sound effects complete this perfect slot machine experience. You get to choose the amount of win lines. You could go for ten win lines and have a great experience. But to get the most out of this game, you can go for an astonishing sixty-four win lines.  

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