Fruit Love

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Fruit Love

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Play Fruit Love on Winfest Online Casino

This is a classic casino game, that is fun to play and it feels as if you’re actually playing live in las vegas with this slot machine. This casino game has 5 reels and 4 rows, this gives the game up to 40 different paylines and therefore you’re more likely to win something. This online slot also pays out high prizes, you can win up to 120,000 euros with this casino game. Just like you’re in Las Vegas with those prizes available. With this casino game you have several feature: scatter symbol, heart symbol, card gamble and ladder gamble this feature makes the slot game more fun to play. If you start playing this online game, you can bet different amounts: the minimum is 0.10 euro and the maximum amount is 120 euro, so this slot game is playable for everyone. With this casino game you can have a good time and with the various types of bonuses, this slot game is experienced as fun to play. The only thing left to say is play this online casino slot game fast. Play Gamomat's Fruit Love now at Winfest Casino!

Casino bonuses from Fruit Love

The casino game consists of various features, at Fruit Love you have a number of features that keeps the game fun and interesting to play. These features gives your players a higher Casino bonus. One of the features in this online game is the heart symbol that is a substitutes symbol, star symbol that is a scatter, card gamble and ladder gamble casino bonus.

Heart symbol

This feature gives the player more chances to win, because this symbol acts as a substitute. This ensures more bonuses and a higher chances of getting a prize.

Star symbol

With this feature you get a casino bonus. The star symbol is a scatter, the scatters pay for any position. Scatter wins are added to line wins, only the highest scatter win counts.

Card gamble

With this feature you get the choice to double your money or lose everything. How it works: The card gamble can be entered by clicking the gamble button with the cards symbol. The win can be gambled by betting on the color of the next card. If the color of the drawn card matches the choice, the win is doubled. In case the colors don’t match, the risked win is lost. This can be a quick way for the player to double their money while playing this online slot at Winfest Online Casino.

Ladder gamble

The ladder gamble feature is similar to the card gamble feature and is a way of making more money with your winnings. How it works: The ladder gamble can be entered by clicking the gamble button with the ladder symbol. In case of win, you will land on the highlighted step above your current one, in case of loss on the highlighted lower one. this feature is a fun way to double their money while playing this online casino slot game.

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