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Is that your final answer?  Who wants to be a millionaire.

Are you ready to be a Millionaire? This is your chance and you don’t even have to leave the room you are in. Just play Who wants to be a Millionaire at our Online Casino. This online slot is a unique, one of a kind slot machine. Maybe you’re familiar with the TV-show. Well, in this online slot game you have the chance to be in that same exact seat! Who wants to be a Millionaire offers 6 reels with up to 7 symbols per reel! Now this can be a lot, but any adjunctive payline wins! The game makes use of the Megaways system. The amount of symbols per reel changes each time you spin. This keeps the game fun and interesting. You can start spinning those reels for as little as €0.20 up to €20 per spin!

How to Play

Firstly, you want to select your stake. Of course, the higher your stake, the higher your potential winnings can be. You can adjust your stake by clicking ‘<’ or ‘>’. Who wants to be a Millionaire offers an autoplay feature. You can make use of this system by clicking the arrows in the right of your screen. Within the autoplay menu, you can select whenever you want the game to stop spinning for you. For instance, whenever you reached a certain amount of money or when you’ve lost a certain amount of money. If you want any more information about the game, you can always click the menu button.

Who wants to be a Millionaire Bonus Game

3 or more Scatters activates the bonus game. You will be taken to the stage where the TV-show takes place. Now this is where the fun begins. You will get a series of questions where you have to answer the question correctly. You will get the help from the three lifelines you might know. The audience, the 50:50 and the phone call. Every time you guess the answer correct, you will earn extra free spins. The grand prize is a whopping 50 free spins. Be careful, once you guess the wrong answer you will be set back to a certain amount of free spins. (This can also be 0).

The is one more feature that is really interesting in this game. Every time you win a bet, those symbols will be removed from the screen and more symbols will be added. Now, the multiplier will increase with 1 every time you clear symbols. So, the more times you clear different symbols, the higher your payout will get!

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