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Bally Wulff
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Bally Wulff

Game description

Asena by Bally Wulff

Play Asena, the original Bally Wulff game, now online at Winfest. While on adventure, you are travelling with Asena, a Turkish she-wolf with strong senses to survive in the wilderness. She will take you to the most adventurous slots to discover many treasures and free spins! Explore the magic oriental lands and find your treasures online. 

Discover many treasures

While you are hunting with Asena for treasures, you will come across the most magical online slots you’ve ever seen. This Bally Wulff slot is a 5-reels, 5-winning game where you can get the chance to find many treasures. With the magical appearance of the she-wolf and her wolfs, you’ll get to experience an adventurous ride through this game. 

How to play the Asena slot

The slot is a traditional online slot machine. The lines are counted from left to right. With just two of the same symbols that are lined up, you can find amazing treasures. Those symbols are: Asena herself, her wolfs, the black eyes and the jewellery. These symbols give higher profits. All the other symbols requires three of the same in a row. Do you find more of the same symbols on one line, you get more profit, logically. 


There is one special treasure you can find in this Bally Wulff game: the book. The legendary book replaces missing symbols in your profit lines. Also, it will grand you bonus rounds if it occurs at least three times on the reels. Let the she-wolf and her wolfs take you on a magical adventure in Amazonia!