Andre L.  won  32,00 €
Andre L.  won  30,75 €
Stefan K.  won  45,00 €
Stefan K.  won  39,00 €
Luca L.  won  35,50 €
Stefan K.  won  33,00 €
Luca L.  won  42,00 €
Viktor W.  won  74,00 €
Swenja Sophie S.  won  40,75 €
Viktor W.  won  46,00 €
Viktor W.  won  120,50 €
Niel T.  won  38,80 €
Stefan K.  won  242,50 €
Viktor W.  won  51,00 €
Viktor W.  won  88,00 €

The most famous and popular online slots

Winfest online casino want to provide you with the best online slots available. Eye of Horus, El Torero and Fishin‘ Frenzy by Merkur, Book of Dead, Legacy of Dead, and Fire Joker by Play’n GO. We’ve got these and many other slot games available for free and for real money. Fun, excitement, and the best winning odds are guaranteed with the best online slots. The best thing is, all online slot machines can be played directly from your browser on your mobile, tablet or desktop computer. No need to download any software, just find your next game to play and enjoy! Winfest online casino wants to become your favourite online casino. That’s why you can play a very wide range of online slots free or online slots machines with real money. And above all: you can try all online slots for free at Winfest online casino!

What is that, slots and slot machines?

The slot machines that we know today, all have their origin at the One-Armed Bandit. This slot is considered to be first of its kind. A slot machine can be described as a device that outputs a certain random sequel of symbols. A player can start the process and bet on the outcome with real money. When betted corrected, a certain sequel is presented on the reels and the player can collect its wins.

Today, however, slots and slot machines are not just played in casinos and arcades in your neighbourhood. A vast collection of video slots is now available at your fingertips, so you can enjoy your favourite games whenever and wherever you want. In this way, Winfest has become your casino in your neighbourhood!

How does a slot machine work?

1. First, try to get an impression of the game by reading the information in-game.

2. Determine how much money you want to wager.

3. Now you can set your bet and set up all other game settings like amount of pay lines, coins, etc.

4. All set? Press SPIN and see the reels turn!

5. The reels stop spinning and the slot machine will calculate what you have won on which pay line(s). The game will show you how much and how exactly you won it.

6. In some cases: the slot will offer you the option to collect your winnings or activate the gamble feature.

The best slot games from the game developers!

At any online casino, the range and catalogue of slots is important, but they must be of an absolute perfect quality as well! That’s why we work together with some of the best game providers in the world and can offer you the best online slot machines. That’s how Winfest online casino is absolutely certain that you will have a great online casino experience while playing the best casino games. At our platform you can find the most popular and hottest slots, but also the more unusual and unknown slot machines. Use our search and filter options and find your next favourite slot machine! Curious about the providers we work with? You can use the filter options on top of the slots-grid or filter out the slot games per provider. Take a look at our collection of Play’n GO online slots or the Pragmatic Play online slot machines!

A few terms to remember:

  • RTP: RTP or Return-to-player is the payout percentage of a slot. It allows you to see what you should be able to earn back relatively speaking. The RTP varies from game to game but ranges between 88 - 97%.
  • Volatility: the volatility of a slot shows you how big you can win (or lose). If a slot machine has high volatility, you have a relatively higher chance of a hit, but you also run a higher risk of seeing your stake disappear. So, if you choose game with a low volatility, you can probably play longer with the same money, but your chances of winning big are again a lot smaller.
  • Gamble feature: Not all online slots offer it, but a lot of them does: the gamble feature. If a slot game has a gamble feature, a new mini game will start whenever you land a win on the reels. The mini-games vary per game and developer, but some of the most common minigames is the “Black/Red, Card-symbol” feature or the “higher/lower ladder”.
  • Megaways: This is a special feature, developed by Big Time Gaming, but licensed to a lot of other game providers. Megaways™ slots usually have 6 reels, while other have 3 or 5. And every spin you make, the symbols change. So, every spin is a surprise in terms of which symbols will land. This allows you to make many different winning combinations, which are then called "Megaways".
  • Pay out symbols: These are the pictures you see on the reels. Most of the time, you have to find a few of the same symbols to land a win.

Common symbols in slots machines

The symbols in online slots are of course all unique, but most of the games have:

  • Lower paying symbols: these are almost always numbers and letters like ‘10’, ‘J’, ‘Q’, ‘K’ and ‘A’.
  • Higher paying symbols: most of the times these are symbols with an image. Take for instance Book of Dead. Anubis, Ra, Pharaoh: all symbols that pay out better, but have no extra functions.
  • Wild Symbol: this symbol is not available in all online slot machines. But nowadays, a lot of online slots have it. This symbol substitutes any symbol to make a pay line a win line.
  • Scatter: The scatter symbol is a fun symbol. You need to find a certain amount of it to win, but it can be placed anywhere on the grid. They don’t have to appear on the same win line: as long as you find enough of them in one single spin, you will win!

At Winfest Online Casino you will find more than 2,000 online slots for free - in Full HD quality! All of them are packed with great images, sounds and graphics. And whenever you’re done playing the demo, you can start playing all slots with real money. Registration is really simple and don’t forget the amazing welcome bonus that is awaiting you.

Features of slot machines

Everyone has their own preferences when it comes to online slot features. Maybe you really like slot machine classics. Or are high volatility slots more what you’re seeking? Either way, it doesn’t matter. At Winfest casino, we have organised all slots and slot machines in neat categories. It has never been easier to scroll through the most popular online slots to find YOUR next favourite slot machine!

You can find these slot feature categories:

Online slots tips and tricks

Slot machines can be tricky sometimes and players are always looking for the best tips and tricks to take more advantage of their favourite slot games. But what aspects do you have to take into account when you’re trying to get the most out of your favourite slot machine? Winfest is happy to help you with that! So, pay attention and use our tips and tricks for online slots.

  1. Take a look at the RTP
    The return to player indicates the theoretical return on your bet. So logically, a higher RTP indicates a higher chance of winning back your bet. It’s no guarantee of course, but it gives you something to hold on to.
  2. Volatility: High stakes, high rewards
    The volatility of a slot indicates the risk of your bet. High volatility slots usually pay-out high rewards once won. Low volatility slot machines work the other way around. So, basically the player will be rewarded for the risk they’re taking. Winfest advices you to always play with caution and to not take any unnecessary risks.
  3. In-game bonus features
    Most slot machines, mostly video slots, feature some sort of in-game bonuses. In the majority of online slots, the player is rewarded with free spins after spinning a certain amount of scatters and/or wilds. It depends on the on the slot machine how many free spins the player will get. And to stand out from other slots, some games offer extra features during the free spin rounds. Sticky wilds, exploding symbols, expanding reels, you name it. All kinds of features that gives the player a higher chance of winning during free spins.

Winfest presents new games every week!

Working with world-leading game providers gives us an opportunity to offer you nothing but the best online slots and casino games, and a very extensive, ever-growing catalogue. At Winfest we activate new games every week, waiting for you to be discovered. Just head on over to our NEW section and we will show you all the latest slots we have added to our online casino. This could be totally new games or “older” slot machines which are recently added to our online casino. The first slot on the grid is always the newest slot machine at our  casino platform. You should definitely check out the NEW section whenever you are ready for a fresh new game to play. Try out these new slots for free or start playing with real money right away!

Play Online Slots Now at Winfest

We want our players to be able to relax and play their favourite online slot machines at Winfest. Winning is great, but for us the fun factor is also of great importance. We want everyone to be able to enjoy themselves while playing only the finest slot machines. For us, it's a priority that players understand the game mechanics and get a feeling for the game. It' s our top priority to ensure a great experience and an exciting adventure for everyone.

Are you ready to test your luck? Do you want to take the opportunity to win and have a great adventure? Then register or log in, place your bets, and enjoy! We wish you a lot of luck and enjoy the best slots and slot machines at Winfest. Your favourite online casino!

FAQ: Online slots and slot machines

Q: How do slot machines work?
A: Video slots have a so-called built-in random number generator. This is a piece of code that generates a random sequence of numbers on each spin. The outcome of the numbers will dictate the symbols on the reels.

Q: Do online slots pay real money?
A: You can try online slots for free at WInfest. Whenever you’re ready, you can start to pick up your game and play with real money. When you play online slots machines with real money, you will also be rewarded with real money.

Q: Are online slots rigged?
A: No. And we can’t stress this enough. Online slots are bound to very strict rules. Game developers are obligated to be transparent and open about their slot mechanics. The gambling licence issuers apply very strict checks and controls on casino games to make sure the slots are fair and not manipulated. There are even independent organisations who endlessly test online slots and slot machines to make sure that they are fair and not messed with. You can feel safe.

Q: What is the best online slot game?
A: At Winfest, we want to stay impartial in this fierce debate. There are a lot of opinions out there on what slot machine is the best. We only know what our players love to play, and you can see this collection on our popular and trending pages. We leave up to you and the rest of our players to decide which slot game you think is the best!