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WinClub - Terms and Conditions

  • Winfest reserves the right to discontinue the WinClub Loyalty Program at any time, including its procedures and content, and notify players no later than 1 week in advance.
  • Winfest reserves the right to suspend the collection and/or exchange of WinCoins at any time without prior notice to the players.
  • A violation of the terms and conditions of Winfest may result in the player losing his / her collected WinCoins, WinClub VIP-status and any related bonuses and possibly being excluded as a player.
  • Suspected abuse of the WinClub Loyalty Program may result in a player losing his WinClub VIP-status and any related bonuses and possibly being excluded as a player.
  • The General Terms and Conditions of Winfest also apply the WinClub Loyalty Program, unless otherwise stated.
  • Winfest accepts no responsibility for the loss of WinCoins or a late update due to data transfer issues.
  • Winfest reserves the right to reject objections to WinClub Loyalty Program.
  • WinCoins that have not been redeemed within a 90-day period will expire.
  • If a player decides to close his / her Winfest Account or a player account is closed by Winfest, a player loses his WinClub VIP-status level and all associated WinCoins.
  • There is no entitlement to the awarding of WinCoins or WinClub VIP-levels, all offers are non-binding.