Fire Joker

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Fire Joker

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Play Fire Joker Slot online

It’s time to go wild with the ever-popular Fire Joker slot by Play’n GO! This online slot might look like a simple one, but there is a lot more to Fire Joker than meets the eye. Re-Spins of Fire, Fire Joker Wheel and great sounds and graphics will keep you interested in this game for hours. No wonder that this online slot machine has been one of the most popular slots in the category. The game is easy to understand, yet very exciting. So, what are you waiting for? Give Fire Joker a spin and manage to collect enough joker symbols to get that big win!

How to play Fire Joker

Fire Joker is a 3-reel slot machine with 3 rows making this a 3x3 grid with a total of 5 different win lines. You can go wild with your bet, since you can set it for as little as €0.05 per spin up to a maximum of €100. Your winnings will be calculated once all the reels have stopped spinning and it is only possible to win from left to right on one of the different win lines. You can change the amount you would like to wager with the + and – buttons at the bottom of the screen.

High Rollers tend to play with high stakes per bet, but you can always place a bet as low and high as you want. With every spin, not matter the value, you have a chance of winning 800 times your bet.

All the slot symbols

The graphic look great and sound effects sound nice, but what’s most important is to understand the different symbols and their values. You will win when you get three symbols on one of the five-win lines. Generally, this means you will need a symbol at least once on all three reels.

Here is a little breakdown of values:

  • X-symbol: This is the lowest paying symbol, rewarding you with 2x your stake.
  • Cherries: These will reward you with 4x your stake.
  • Lemons: Get three of these and you will earn 5 times your stake.
  • Grapes: 6 times your stake
  • Plums: 7x your stake
  • BAR- symbol: from here it gets even more interesting. This symbol will reward you with 15 times your stake.
  • Golden Star: The second-best paying symbol. Land three of these and get 20 times your stake.
  • The 7: Of course! The 7 is the best paying symbol and it will reward you with 25 times your stake.

Fire Joker free spins no deposit 

The best part about Fire Joker free spins without deposit is probably the in-game bonus feature: the Re-Spin of Fire. This is somewhat like a second chance spin If you manage to collect the same symbol three times on two different reels (so 6 in total), without landing a win, the Re-Spin of Fire will be activated! The reel on which this symbol is not present will spin once again, increasing your chances of winning big time!

Fire Joker Wheel Multiplier

This is a crazy one and it will require some luck. Once you get the same symbol 9 times (full grid) the multiplier is activated. Classical Fire Joker: you don’t win or you win extremely big!

Worst case scenario is that you only double your win, but the main prize is a 10x multiplier. You manage to get 9 Fire Joker on the grid? That will give you 800 times your bet!

RTP & Volatility

Two of the most important factors within online gambling is RTP, short for Return to Player, and Volatility.

Fire Joker RTP

The RTP for Fire Joker is 96%, which is a good and fair percentage. This basically means that every €1 you spend, should return €0,96 to you. Naturally, this percentage is based on thousands of gameplays and therefore is not that reliable, but it’s a fair indication on how much and how fast you can earn back while playing Fire Joker.

Fire Joker: High Volatility slot

We think it goes without saying that this online slot is a high volatility slot. This means you can play for a long time without winning anything until that moment you finally hit a win! And when you do, it’s guaranteed big. High Volatility is like “high risk – high reward”, while low volatility means you don’t lose money quick, but will also not land a big win in a short period. That’s why HV Slots are always more interesting to a lot of gamers.

At Winfest Casino you can play Fire Joker with unlimited free spins. This means you can try out the game with fun money for as long as you want. Depleted your fun money? Refresh the page and start again. This way you can keep on going and going, but naturally, you won’t win any real money. Play with fun money, wins you fun money. So ready to play with real money and see what this slot has to offer? Create you personal Winfest Account, make a deposit, claim your Welcome Offer and start playing!

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Frequently Asked Questions: Fire Joker

Q: What are the Fire Joker Reviews?
A: From what we know Fire Joker is one of the most popular Play’n GO slots at the moment. People love the game for its design and sound effects, but also the high volatility of the slot is something gamers seems to love.

Q: Is there a Fire Joker Bonus?
A: We don’t offer a Fire Joker bonus at the moment, but the slot game itself does offer multiple in-game bonus features. Read the text or try out the game to learn more.

Q: What is the RTP of this slot?
A: The Return to Player of Fire Joker is 96%.