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RTP 1,00-2,00%
Min bet 1,00 €
Max bet 1,00 €
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4.5/5 (22 votes)
RTP 96,42%
Maximum win 500.000,00 €
Min bet 0,20 €
Max bet 100,00 €
Win lines 20
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Game of Gladiators - Slot Machine

4.5/5 (22 votes)
4.5/5 (22 votes)
Return to player (RTP) 96,42%
Maximum win 500.000,00 €
Minimum bet 0,20 €
Maximum bet 100,00 €
Win lines 20

Game of Gladiators by Play'n Go

Let the Battles begin in Game of Gladiators, an online video slot by Play ‘n Go! Battle your way to the top and be the Last Gladiator Standing. Jump right into the Great Arena and earn yourself some amazing wealth! Do you have what it takes to become the Champ? Try out your luck and fight for Glory at Winfest!

Everyone who as ever seen the Movie Gladiator or anything else about these warriors might already know: Gladiators are badass! They are strong, fast and are tough to defeat in battle. In ancient history they were made to fight for live or death. Luckily for you in this slot you only have to “fight” for those winnings. Whether you want to play with unlimited fun money or real cash, Play ‘n Go has given Game of Gladiators a lot of cool bonus features for you to be the strongest and walk away with some great prizes!

How to play

As mentioned before, Game of Gladiators has a lot of bonus features. But before we jump into all the fun stuff, let’s cover the basics first. This game is a 5-Reel Video Slot Machine with three rows and 20 fixed paylines. It has an RTP of 96,42%. The minimum bet is €0.20, while the maximum bet is €100 per spin. The highest pay out you can achieve is 5,000 times your total bet. So with a maximum bet of €100, your earnings can go up to €500,000! But of course, this is only cut out for the strongest Gladiator who dares to take a leap of faith. But winnings in this game won’t disappoint, simply because there are so many features available.

Like many slot machines, you have to set your bet and that’s it for this slot machine. There are no values, coins or paylines to be chosen. Just set your bet and spin away. There is also the auto play feature for the “Lazy Gladiators” among us. You can choose how many auto plays and limits you want. Let it stop after every win or when a single win is exceeded by an amount. You can even choose a certain increase or decrease in your balance. This way you let the computer play for you, but you are still in charge.

In case you need it, there is also a manual available you may want to check before entering the arena. Whenever you press the “I” button in the corner the manual will popup where you can see all the rules and guides for Game of Gladiators. The best prepared Gladiator will eventually win the battle!

In Game of Gladiators you need to find three matching symbols to win. Naturally, they have to be on a payline to earn cash. This might sound hard, but with 20 fixed pay lines it’s a lot easier to get it! The height of your price depends on the height of your bet and the symbol. We will discuss all the different symbols in the following paragraph so you can find the best strategy to become the last Gladiator standing.

All Game of Gladiators symbols

In Game of Gladiators you need at least three of the same symbols to qualify for a prize.

  • Lowest pay out symbols: The J and Q. Like in most slot machines, the letters are the least paying symbols. In Game of Gladiators they will pay out one time if you find five of these symbols. So in a way, you will be getting your spin back.
  • Second lowest pay out symbols: The K and A symbols. The same as the lowest pay out symbols. The only difference is that they will reward you with 2.5 times your bet if you find 5 of the same.
  • Retiarius and Murmillio symbols: Time to analyse your competitors! The first gladiators to check out are Retiarius and Murmillio. Whenever you find one of them five times in your play, you will be rewarded 10 times your bet.
  • Provocator Symbol: This is the semi-final Gladiator for you to defeat. He is one the best paying gladiators and you will receive 15 times your bet whenever you find five of him on one of the 20 paylines.
  • Final Gladiator: Scissor: Time to figure out who is the strongest Gladiator in the Arena! Will the current Champion ‘Scissor’ stay undefeated or will you defeat him in battle and win?! In that case your total bet will be rewarded 20 times when you find 5 of his symbols!
  • Wild Symbol: Beware! During your battles some tigers can occur! Every tough Gladiator is looking for a real challenge and you will probably be happy as well when a tiger shows up. In this slot machine, the Tiger is the WILD symbol. So this means the tiger will substitute for all symbols expect the Scatter. Finding three tigers will reward you with a 2.5x pay out, while finding 5 will give you 25x your total bet!
  • Scatter Symbol: This might be the most fun symbol to get. If you find three Scatters in your play the Arena Gates open up and you get to battle the Gladiators with free spins. But you won’t enter the Arena alone! Before you start you get to choose your Champion. Will Spartacus or Amazonia accompany you? When you have chosen one of the two, you will enter the Arena alongside your Champion and fight until your Champion is victorious or defeated. That’s right: the free spins keep on coming as long as your Champion is alive and kicking!
  • The Game of Gladiators Champions

  • Spartacas: When you choose Spartacus you will be rewarded extra free spins.
  • Amazonia: If Amazonia is your chosen Champion you will be rewarded with a multiplier of 20 – 100x your bet.
The bonus round is over when you have defeated all other Gladiators in the meter on top of the screen. While fighting towards the end game you will earn even more prizes or multipliers for every group of gladiators you defeat. When you happen to defeat all gladiators in your meter, you will be rewarded with your won pay outs and an extra prize! Of course, in a battle there has to be a winner and a loser. You will be the latter if the meter is totally full of gladiators. In this case you will receive your won pay outs, without the extra prize. It might sound complicated, but let’s face it: we are talking about Gladiators and not rocket-scientists. The bonus is easy, fun and can reward you big time. We truly hope you get to experience it in one of your plays since it’s that much fun! For more information about possible payouts, please consult the paytable.

Bonus Features of Game of Gladiators

Besides the Free Spins Bonus, online slot machine Game of Gladiators is packed with bonus features! Not only one, but five different mini-bonus features can be activated to enjoy.

  • Spear Attack: There will be three to six spears thrown at the spinning reels. All the hits will become WILD and stick to the reels. This is triggered before the spin result.
  • Fame:All gladiators fight for Fame and Glory. When this feature is activated one Gladiator will become famous. When the reel spin is completed, all famous symbols are calculated paid out according to the battle pay table. And normal pay outs will also be rewarded. This is triggered before the spin result.
  • Net Attack: Every gladiator on the slot will become sticky and held on one place. Then there is one re-spin. This feature is triggered before the spin result.
  • Sword Attack: The first reel will be copied one to four times.
  • Enraged: Throw in the tigers! Two reels will become completely WILD.
Whenever you are looking for a new slot machine with some great mechanics for you to explore, then the bonus features of Game of Gladiators is what you are looking for!

Play in your browser

Game of Gladiators is a very beautiful game with some astonishing graphics and nice effects. Of course it’s playable on any device you want as long as it’s a computer, smartphone or tablet. The game scales perfectly to your device screen, making it a great experience for you to enjoy. No downloads, no zooming in or out, just press the spin button and go!

Unlimited Free Spins at Winfest

One of our main goals at Winfest is for players to enjoy their favourite games and find new games to explore. Therefore we believe it’s necessary to give players an option to try out all of our games with unlimited free spins, for as long as you want! So you can play Game of Gladiators with as much fun money as you want, just keep in mind that all your winning will be in fun money as well. It can’t be converted to real money and unfortunately, you can not pay with fun money at any store. We offer these free spins for you to simply enjoy a game and to get to know the mechanics, before playing with real money. Whenever you are ready to win real money, just simply create an account, make your first deposit and enjoy Game of Gladiators! Oh, and don’t forget to check out the Promotions Page! We have multiple bonuses for new and existing customers, which you can use to get some more bang for your buck.

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