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RTP 1,00-2,00%
Min bet 1,00 €
Max bet 1,00 €
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4.5/5 (2 votes)
RTP 97,30%
Min bet 1,00 €
Max bet 300,00 €
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French Roulette - Table Game

4.5/5 (2 votes)
4.5/5 (2 votes)
Return to player (RTP) 97,30%
Minimum bet 1,00 €
Maximum bet 300,00 €

French Roulette at Winfest Casino

French Roulette is also known as the original game of roulette, although it’s not the most common version anymore. This version is mostly played by French people or people who can speak French. But everyone can play this version since it's not that different from the ‘normal’ one. Give it a spin online at Winfest Casino!

French Roulette Casino Game

The difference between the French and the traditional roulette is the layout and the language on the table. There are some words written in French. Also the colours of the numbers are different. But nothing’s really different while playing the game. No need to download this casino game, because you can play it in your browser. Just play this casino game online everywhere in the world! 

How to play French Roulette at our Online Casino

Like any other online roulette game you will bet chips and you place these on numbers displayed on the table. Betting on the numbers individually is called a ‘Inside Bet’. This means that you bet in accordance of the ball that stops on a number.in this casino game. French Roulette isn’t particularly rocket science, but it has the fun and excitement from a rocket launching. Will you reach the outer atmosphere in this casino game at Winfest Casino.  

Bets Outside

When there is an inside bet, that means you can bet ‘outside’. The outside bets are based on other factors than individual numbers: You can bet on the colour Red or Black and by choosing Red for instance you will win if the ball stops on a red number. If you think the ball will stop at a high number, but you’re not quite sure which number it will be, you can place your bet at ‘High’. The same goes for Even or Odd numbers. Will the ball drop between 1 to 12, 13 to 24 or 25 to 36? Place your bet on the Dozen you like in this Casino Game! Your final option is to place a bet on a column. This way you will win is the ball stops at a number in your chosen column.

Play Free Online Casino Games

Since Winfest Casino wants to make sure, you get the most out of playing at our casino. We offer free games so you can play French Roulette to make sure this is the right casino game for you. You have a unlimited amount of Free money to play with, so take all the time with French roulette as you would like.