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RTP 1,00-2,00%
Min bet 1,00 €
Max bet 1,00 €
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4.5/5 (2 votes)
RTP 96,11%
Min bet 0,10 €
Max bet 30,00 €
Win lines 5
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Back to the Fruits Respins of Amun Re - Slot Machine

4.5/5 (2 votes)
4.5/5 (2 votes)
Return to player (RTP) 96,11%
Minimum bet 0,10 €
Maximum bet 30,00 €
Win lines 5

Back to the fruits Respins of Amun-Re by Gamomat

Fruit machines have been around for ages. Yet Gamomat just can’t seem to get enough from playing with fruit. Every now and then we do like to spice things up. Like adding tomato to a fruit salad. It is still a fruit salad! So Back to the fruits ‘Respins of Amun-Re’ and check out what salad you can spice up by playing this Video Slot. You remember the last time you had a fruit salad? Well now you won’t have to! It is just like Back to the Future but completely different. Find out what Back to the fruits has to offer with unlimited free spins at Winfest!

How to play

Back to the fruits Respins of Amun-Re is a 5 reel 3 row video slot featuring Wild symbols and a never seen before bonus game where you can win amazing prices. All the symbols you got to know and love from the regular video slot are also available in Back to the fruits, like the 7’s and bells combined with an additional bonus feature known from the Egyptian slot game ‘Respins of Amun-Re’. There is something important to know as well though. There is a diamond available in this video machine and just like in our life it is worth a lot of more than buying fruit in the grocery store. To get the most out of this video slot you will need to go on a scavenger hunt and find the most rare gem this earth has to offer. The minimum amount to play with is €0.20 and the maximum amount is €100.00. Payline wins occur on the number of selected paylines. You can find the rule specific to this game by pressing the ‘=’ button on the top left corner. The bet cannot be changed once the game has started. Select the amount you want to play with on the bar to the left on your screen. Once you have selected the right amount just press the spin button to play and enjoy the game. Like we’ve mentioned a couple of times already, Back to the fruits Respins of Amun-Re contain a lot of fruit. Who would have thought that. We just want to make sure you can differentiate the right fruits and other symbol, so you don’t go hunting for the lower symbols. Good luck finding the right ingredients for that salad, though I heard diamonds can be rough to eat. Though something tells me you won’t mind finding some of them. Good luck!

All Back to the fruits Respins of Amun-Re Symbols

  • Wild Symbol: We mentioned something about the diamonds before. Well here we are, just as expected you want to find these gems. It counts as the Wild Symbol in this game which appears on reels 2 and 4 only. The diamond substitutes all symbols except the bonus symbols.
  • Number seven Symbol : Why is the number seven most people’s lucky number? No idea to be honest. But do you think there are your lucky numbers? With a payout of 250x your bet you probably should at least try and find out. Good luck!
  • Bell Symbol: It can be a church or a living room. Bells are all around us and also in Back to the fruits Respins of Amun-Re. It is up to you how loud you want to ring these bells. My guess with a payout of 125x your bet is pretty darn loud.
  • Watermelon and Grape Symbols: Have you ever had a Watermelon and Grape salad? Well you might want to find out what it tastes like. With a payout from 37.5x your bet with five of a kind it seems like you don’t want to forget tasty fruits.
  • Lemon and Orange Symbols: These are together the second lowest symbols and will return a total up to 12.5x your bet when you hit a total of five of a kind.
  • Cherries Symbol: This is the lowest paying symbol and will return 10x your bet when you have five of a kind.

Bonus game

During the regular spins you will see certain symbols specific to Respins of Amun-Re. You will see a number on either of these. When you have five or more bonus symbols on the reels, you trigger 3 respins of Amun-Re. When this happens the bonus symbols become sticky. Which means that when they trigger the ‘respins’, they still stay in the same place. When the ‘respins’ end, all the bonus symbols on the reels are added to your winnings. In case of all the available positions being covered by symbols the bonus mode ends early and you have earned the Super-Ra bonus!

Gamble Bonus

  • Card gamble: The card gamble can be entered by clicking the gamble button with the cards symbol. The win can be gambled by betting on the colour of the next card. If the colour of the drawn card matches the choice, the win is doubled. In case the colours don’t match, the risked win is lost.
  • Ladder gamble: The ladder gamble can be entered by clicking the gamble button with the ladder symbol. In case of win, you will land on the highlighted step above your current one, in case of loss on the highlighted lower one.

Play in your browser

Back to the fruits Respins of Amun-Re by Gamomat is an online video machine and for this reason you can play it almost anywhere you’d like. Sitting in the car, not driving and you want to play one or two more spins before arriving at your destination? That is entirely possible and all you need is a working internet connection combined with a working device. This can be a tablet, phone, laptop or if you brought your pc in the car on your lap that’s also a possibility. We from Winfest want to make sure we deliver the most exquisite service possible anywhere on this planet. Just press the spin button from Back to the fruits respins of Amun-Re and enjoy everything Winfest has to offer.

Unlimited free spins at Winfest

If you want the option to play the game before winning or losing any real money. No problem, Winfest got you covered. We have a demo mode implemented where you can play as much as possible until you found the video machine suited to your needs. So try and check out as much as you can!

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