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RTP 1,00-2,00%
Min bet 1,00 €
Max bet 1,00 €
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Fairplay Guarantee


The Winfest Casino platform is structured in a completely transparent way to give you a flawless experience. We share information about bonuses, transactions and game data at any time. You can either find this information by navigating through the website, or you can request information by contacting our customer support.


All our games are tested, audited and certified by a third party company. This way we can guarantee that our games are fair. The outcome of our games is generated by a Random Number Generator. This means that the spinning of wheels, shuffling and dealing of cards, the rolling of the dice and other game events are completely random. Winfest Casino has no way to influence the Random Number Generator and the results it generates. This portal is supervised and has been approved by the MGA Malta Gambling Commission.

Protection of youth

Participation of players under the age of 18 is strictly forbidden on the Winfest Casino platform. We monitor this through various verification procedures. These procedures are constantly being optimized and are under surveillance.

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