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Play Reactoonz online

Ready for a crazy and completely hysterical online slot machine? Then Reactoonz is an absolute must play. This classic Play'n GO slot is now a few years old, but is still one of the most popular games. Technically, it is a bit like the successor to Energoonz, which was already hugely popular. Reactoonz is happy to add to that and has only grown in popularity since. Time to go into space and see what the Reactoonz slot has to offer.

How to play Reactoonz

If you are looking for a colourful slot machine full of bright and funny characters, then you’ve come to the right place at Reactoonz. There are all kinds of colored aliens, lightning beams and flashing lights. There is a giant Reactoon called Gargatoon, more about him later, and there is pay table which shows which alien pays out what.

The game consists out of 7 rows and 7 different reels, meaning there are 49 places where the symbols will land. Winning works somewhat different compared to other slot machines, you need to collect 5 or more of the same characters on a win line in order to win. It is possible to make a win line either horizontally or vertically. You can already start playing for as little as €0,20 up to a maximum of €100.

Cluster pays

When you land a winning spin in Reactoonz, the paying aliens will vanish and new symbols will drop down. Got a new win out of it? Great! These winning symbols will be removed as well and thus create room for even more aliens. Is there a 2x2 symbol in your winning combination? Your payout is doubled! This keeps on going until you are not able to land any new winning combination. At this moment your winnings are calculated and added to your balance. This feature is called Cluster Pays.

Extra Wild feature

With each spin in Reactoonz, 1 alien is highlighted. Each time a winning combination is created with this special symbol, it leaves 2 Wilds behind. This of course increases the chance of new winning combos.

The Gargatoon

Noticed the big Reactoon next to the board? Please meet Gargatoon! This three-eyed, horn-spiked sleeping alien is ready to power your game to the max! Keep an eye on him, because he definitely is your best friend in Reactoonz!

This giant can activate a special feature for you. To activate this, you will need to fill up the meter by landing winning combinations. For every full meter 1 of the 4 boosters will be activated.

Gargatoon boosters

Want to land big win? Then these boosters are essential to winning the big payouts.

  • Alteration: 1 random symbol is changed into another symbol - often worth nothing, and sometimes extremely valuable.
  • Implosion: Without doubt the booster: 3 to 6 random symbols are turned into wilds and all surrounding symbols are removed.
  • Demolition: All low symbols are removed, causing the premium symbols to fall down.
  • Incision: a powerful booster, where a wild symbol and two diagonal rows of the same symbols are placed on the screen. A very powerful booster, especially if the rows are filled with wilds.

Gargatoon Feature

You filled up all 5 meters? Now the big boy really comes to life! Gargatoon will appear on the grid as a 3x3 Wild symbol, after that as a 2x2 Wild and finally as 9 separate wilds. It’s like a Wild Mayhem with winning combinations everywhere and phat prizes. A fabulous reward for your hard work in Reactoonz slot.

RTP & Volatility of Reactoonz

The return to player (or RTP for short) determines how much the slot machine pays back. For example, is the RTP 50% and your bet is €1? Theoretically the slot should then return €0.50. Obviously, these numbers are way higher amounts and therefore you can't take it for granted. The RTP of games often fluctuates around 90% or higher and in the case of the Reactoonz slot it is 96.51%.


Another important thing to keep in mind when playing Reactoonz and other online slots is the volatility. Are you playing a low low volatility slot? Then your risk is "low", but your chances of winning big are also somewhat on the low side. Is the volatility high? Then you're dealing with a "high-risk / high-reward" online slot, so to speak. You can lose a lot, but also win a lot. Sometimes you win smaller amounts and sometimes you don't win for a long time until you suddenly have that big win. High-volatility online slots are riskier, but they also pay out better. The Reactoonz slot is a high volatility slot.

Reactoonz Demo

At Winfest we understand you do not always want to start playing a game for real money straight away. That is why we activated the Reactoonz Demo mode. We did this for almost all of our online slots. This way you can try our best casino games first for free without having to spend your hard-earned cash without knowing whether you like the game or not. Once you feel confident enough, stop playing the Reactoonz Demo, register or login at Winfest and start playing with real money. Good luck and land some nice winnings!

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Frequently Asked Questions: Reactoonz

Q: Is there a Reactoonz Demo?
A: Yes there is. To play the Reactoonz, you must log-out from your Winfest account and visit the game page. Whenever you're ready play Reactoonz with real money, you only have log-in again.

Q: What about the Reactoonz tricks?
A: First of all: online slot machines are in no way rigged and cannot be tricked. It’s all based on a series of calculations and as we all know: numbers don’t lie.

We do have a small Reactoonz tip for you: Try and land as much combinations as fast as possible. The more you have, the faster you can release the Gargatoon and stack some massive wins!

Q: Can I play Ractoonz online and offline?
A: We are an online casino, meaning you can play Reactoonz and all of our slot machines online. We do not offer a download option.

Q: Can I play Reactoonz for free?
A: Yes. However, you can only play Reactoonz for free when you're not logged-in on Winfest. If you are logged-in, you can only play Reactoonz (and other slots) for real real money.